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The Institute

Built in the Enxaimel Style, our headquarters preserves the traditions of the City of Joinville, of European colonization, notably the Germans, Swiss and Norwegians. The space has rooms for courses, individual and group therapies.


Our 3 classrooms are air conditioned, comfortable, equipped, didactic and modern with a capacity of 50 people. Designed to optimize student performance during courses. In addition, they are used to teach classes, lectures, experiences and training.

Therapy Rooms

We have 9 air-conditioned, acoustic, harmonic and relaxing therapeutic offices. They are ideal environments for conducting psychotherapeutic sessions with confidential information and ethics. Our rooms are used by our Clinical Parapsychologists and also during the professional course, in which students use to practice the techniques and during the parapsychological internship.


This wonderful environment is used in our Courses for the practice of experiences, relaxation, meditation and integration among all. Our garden was designed and harmonized to reconnect with our origins, which is nature. There are 3 sources of water to calm our thoughts and bring us memories of the sound of the calm, clear waters of a river. There is a contrast of colors with the different species of flowers and plants to brighten and enchant our vision. And also the song of birds, to cheer and connect with the purity of NATURE, a word that derives from the Latin “NATURA”, which means to be BORN.

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