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The Essence of Identity



Advanced level in NLP

TRAINING Course at the 3rd level of NLP 80% PRACTICAL 20% THEORETICAL

Aimed at personal development, self-knowledge and training of therapists.

The training “The Essence of Identity” corresponds to the third level of professional training in NLP. It focuses on how to work with the neurological level of identity, the deepest and the least known of the levels.

To do this, you will learn to use technology that allows you to access the deep levels of identity, how to identify the blocks and operationalize the resources of this deep level of personality.

In a practical way you will learn how to use NLP technology to:

Ÿ Discover what makes you unique

Ÿ Find your true life mission

Ÿ Unlock the potential that sets you apart from the rest

Ÿ Develop powerful skills to overcome and achieve goals.

Ÿ Experience a profound serenity and inner peace.

Ÿ Develop mental and physical health

Ÿ Learn to live in a way consistent with your essence

You will also learn:

  • Deep relaxation techniques

  • Memory regression

  • Resignification of intrauterine life

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Place: Institute of Parapsychology

Street: Otto Boehm, 972 Glória Joinville - SC.

Dates: To be defined

Hours: 8am to 5:30 pm

Registration: To be defined

Investment: To be defined

Hours: 60 hours / classes.

Target audience: Practical in Pnl

We are a family owned and operated business.

Limited places ...

Information 3422-6666


Tarcísio Roberto Pallú
"Graduation in Letters at the Campos de Andrade University Center (UNIANDRADE), Parapsychology and Post-Graduation in Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Bio-Psychic Sciences of Paraná (FIES), Parapsychology by the Rhine Research Center (RRC) in the United States, PNL by connection (RS) "

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